Teri Aulph entered the corporate world in the middle of her career. Within three years, she rose as an executive in Fortune 500 companies. Results. That is one of many things that set Teri apart.

Now, as an author, speaker, and Business consultant for Fortune 500 companies around the globe, Teri’s unparalleled eye for strategy helps companies capitalize on their biggest asset: their people. That is her passion – finding those individual talents, restructuring their use, and taking a company from plateau to phenomenon.

No matter the industry or the company’s status in the business world, Teri has a reputation in Talent Management and Business Solutions for removing barriers and breaking down borders. All accomplished with complete transparency throughout the entire process, from development to implementation to increased profitability.

With customized plans and individualized solutions, Teri is an expert in finding a company’s barriers. Then removing them.

“Teri provides practical guidance
and insights in navigatingthe workplace
relationship minefield.Her insights are
both credible an on-targetfrom true-life
experiences in the corporate world.
She brings a fresh approach to
career coaching that bridges the
often conflicting needs of career
and personal fulfillment.”

Patrick Gallagher
Former Vice President, Engineering
BorgWarner, Inc.