You Want This Book If:

  • You feel stuck in your current job and want to proactively make a change
  • You want to stop being a victim to your boss
  • Your are a job seeker and can’t seem to step across the threshold into the interview
  • You seem to always be behind and often feel overwhelmed
  • You feel you have lost control of your career and want to feel excited again
  • You are a leader in your organization and recently look behind to find nobody is following
  • You are a leader and have compromised your basic principals due to pressure

“Competition for the best jobs
is fierce, but Teri’s global
experience in Talent
Management will put you a step
ahead in the talent race! She
has taken her experience in
coaching executives at the
Fortune 500 level and turned it
into a book you can use to take
your career to the next level!
Use her wealth of knowledge to
land a better job, a bigger raise,
and a better understanding of
what it takes to play in the
corporate big leagues!”

Kelly Riggs, Author
1-on-1 Management
What Every Great Manager Knows
That You Don’t

VMAX Performance Group