Change isn’t the answer. Not all by itself. For a proactive approach with
a sustainable outcome, what you need is a strategy, a system…the
right people.Teri Aulph removes the confusion, streamlines the process, and
provides customized results for today’s ever-changing landscape. What now?

  • Leading People

Identify talent. Develop people. Leverage the organization for
increased productivity and profitability.

  • Strategy Development

Identify current state. Plan for future growth. Execute for maximum

  • People Training

Increase ownership. Inspire loyalty. Build capacity. Create the future.

  • Executive, Career, Performance Coaching

Assess. Develop. Challenge. Grow.

  • Business Consulting

Increase business acumen. Develop talent acquisition strategy. Build
sustainable framework to support innovation.

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“Teri is a true professional and leader who instills a sense of competence and confidence with each contact. Teri has a rich background and brings outstanding direction, extensive experience, and business intelligence to any given assignment. But of equal importance are her incredible soft skills. Teri conveys empathy, integrity, humor, and a sense of
team to her projects and her clients are enriched and enlightened by the experience.”

Gail Hay, PHR
Sr. Vice President, Human Resources
& Corporate Services
KSS Fuel