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Teri Aulph
Speaker, Author, Consultant

Teri entered corporate world in the middle of her career. Within three years, she rose as an executive in a Fortune 500 company. Results. That is one of the many things that set Teri apart.

Now, as an author, speaker and consultant for organizations - large and small - around the globe, Teri’s unparalleled eye for strategy assists companies capitalize on their strongest super power: their people. That is her passion - finding those individual talents, developing and refining them, and linking arms to partner with a company as they leverage disruption for transformation.

teri aulph corporate speaker author and consultant

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You feel stuck in your current job and want to proactively make a change. You want to stop being a victim to your boss. You are a job seeker and can't seem to step across the threshold into the interview. You are considering a job change to a virtual company and want to better understand how it works.

You seem to always be behind and often feel overwhelmed. You feel you have lost control of your career and want to feel that 'excited' feeling again. You have found yourself back in the job market for the first time in over 10 years and have no idea what to do first. You want to remain current regarding career issues.

You are a leader in your organization and recently looked behind you to find nobody is following. You are a leader and have compromised your basic principals due to pressure. You think you may have a Work Spouse and have no idea how to get out of it. You work with someone who has a Work Spouse and it is driving you crazy.