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Teri Aulph offers a wide range of business consulting services to meet your needs
Change isn’t the answer. Not all by itself.

For a proactive and focused approach with a flexible outcome, what you need is a strategy, a system…the right people. Teri removes the confusion, streamlines the process, and provides customized results for today’s ever-changing landscape.

What now?

  • professional executive leadership coaching tulsa
    Executive coaching

    Identify talent. Develop people. Leverage disruption to maximize success.

    Assess. Develop. Challenge. Grow.

    Identify current state. Position for growth. Propel forward.

    Increase ownership. Inspire loyalty. Build bench strength. Create the future.

  • organization effectiveness consulting services

    Increase business acumen. Strengthen decision-making. Build the framework for continued innovation.

  • Sing your Heart out!

    Teri is a professional speaker specializing in strengthening the space between people and business.

    What sets Teri apart is the journey she traveled to an executive position in a Fortune 500 company in less than three years and the lessons she gleaned from her experiences. Teri shares her story and those lessons in her keynote, ‘Yanked Up’.

    Teri leverages her experience as an executive in the high tech, automotive, and financial industries as a keynote speaker on leadership and business topics. She has delivered keynotes at global summits in Germany, France, and the U.S. Teri was a featured speaker at Fortune magazine.

    Teri is a veteran speaker having delivered speeches at over 100 events over the past 15 years.

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